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Project Video - Community Guidelines

Effective: June 16, 2021
Last update: June 16, 2021

A lot of companies write an abstract community guidelines, which makes it that those companies can censor a lot of content.
We don't agree with that, so this guideline is written in a way that is straight to the point.
To be clear, these rules are not here to censor any content we don't like, we just wanna make sure to protect your viewers.
Project Video hereby referred to as "The Platform" Or "The Service" reserves the right to remove any videos hereby referred to as "Videos" or "Content" from The Platform if they do not abide by the following rules and regulations:

Fraudulent Activities

The act of uploading content the platform that refers to or is actively engaged with another service or platform that's engaged in fraudulent activities such as "Free money" "Free in-game items" or any of those that fall into the category of Fraudulent are banned from the Platform.

Sensitive content

Showing nudity where you can see someones private parts is not allowed.
Playing/reading/watching sexual games/manga/strips/anime/shows or films is allowed, but you must censor anything that shows nudity explaind in the first bullet point.
Any gore related things to real people is not allowed, so this includes showing extensive bleeding, beheading, exploding and shooting at/to real people.
If your video contains sexual content it must be marked with the "contains sexual content" on the edit video page.

Violent or dangerous content

Regulated goods

Selling illegal(according to your country) things it not allowed.


When you break one or more of these rules, we will have to temporarly ban you.
We are not going to deplatform someone because you did something bad as we beleave everyone can change.
Depending on what rule you broke and in what way we deside how long you can't upload, live steam or post comments.
These punishments can take from 1 day to 1 year.
Keep in mind that when you are breaking the rule on one channel all your channels will be affected.

We also understand that when livestreaming that unexpected things can happen.
As long you did not break the rules on purpose you will be fine as we view reports on a case by case basis.
Also we check your previous punishmnets/reports to make sure your are not breaking the rules on purpose.